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Plans and Filters

The YOW Team

Welcome to our SaaS OKR platform’s Plans and filters navigation guide. The main screen provides powerful tools to navigate the wealth of OKR information. Let’s explore the key features:

1. Plan Overview

At the heart of the platform is the ‘Plan.’ Each plan encompasses a date range, a lock option, and a name. By selecting a plan, you can access and manage OKRs within its defined timeframe. Click on a plan’s name to edit it and toggle the lock, which restricts changes. Admin+ users can alter the lock status, ensuring data integrity.

2. Progress Visualization

The progress bar serves as a visual indicator of the current filter’s OKR progress. It dynamically adjusts based on applied filters, allowing you to assess achievements at a glance. Understand your team’s and company’s progress effortlessly.

3. Effortless Search

The search bar empowers you to easily locate specific employees, departments, objectives, or key results. Type relevant keywords to pinpoint the needed information swiftly, streamlining your workflow.

4. Filter Views

‘View Filters’ grants you the flexibility to tailor your focus. You can filter your individual objectives, your team’s objectives, and company objectives separately. This ensures you can dive into the details that matter most to you.

5. Avatar Filters

By clicking on avatars, you can fine-tune your view of specific employees. This feature is perfect for narrowing down information about a particular team member or collaborator.

Navigating through filters enhances your ability to harness the potential of your OKRs. Use these tools to gain insights, track progress, and collaborate effectively. Should you need further assistance, our platform’s intuitive design ensures you’re never far from achieving your objectives.