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Integrating YOW with Your Platforms

The YOW Team

Welcome to the guide on seamlessly integrating YOW with your existing platforms. Integrations enhance efficiency and streamline processes, making goal management even more effective. Here’s how to integrate YOW with your chosen platforms:

1. Accessing the Integration Center:

  1. Click on the “Integration Center” button at the top right corner of your screen.

2. Activating an Integration:

  1. Inside the Integration Center, you’ll find a list of available integrations.
  2. Choose the integration you wish to activate, for example, Slack or Jira.
  3. Click on “Connect” to initiate the integration process.

3. Authorizing the Integration:

  1. Once you click “Connect,” you’ll be redirected to a confirmation page.
  2. On this page, you’ll grant permission to YOW to connect with the desired platform (Slack, Jira, etc.).
  3. Follow the prompts to authorize the integration.

4. Slack Integration:

  1. Connecting Slack to YOW lets you receive all check-ins directly in your Slack workspace.
  2. This integration streamlines the check-in process, ensuring that updates are easily accessible and fostering real-time communication.

5. Jira Integration:

  1. Linking YOW to Jira allows you to connect YOW milestones to specific Jira tickets or epics.
  2. This integration helps save time by automating manual updates.
  3. Additionally, you can automatically import the sprint velocity KPI from Jira to YOW’s KPI, reducing the effort needed for updates.

Connecting KPI Key Results to Jira:

Integrating KPI Key Results with Jira on your YOW platform is a valuable step in streamlining updates. Here’s how to connect them seamlessly:

  1. Identify the Key Result: Navigate to the Key Result you want to connect to Jira’s data.
  2. Access Automatic Setting: Click on the Key Result to open the setting drawer. Within the drawer, locate the “Automatic” option.
  3. Select Jira Integration: Choose the “Automatic” setting, then select the Jira integration.
  4. Choose the Project: Select the Jira project you want to connect with the Key Result within the integration settings.
  5. Update Sprint Velocity: Once connected, the sprint velocity will be updated automatically, reducing manual effort and ensuring accurate data flow.

Connecting Jira Tickets to Milestone Key Results:

Integrating Jira tickets with Milestone Key Results adds a layer of connectivity. Here’s how to achieve this integration:

  1. Activate Automatic Setting: Click on the Milestone Key Result you wish to link with Jira.
  2. Choose Integration: Within the setting drawer, select “Automatic,” then pick the Jira integration.
  3. Select Project and Issue Key: While setting up the integration, specify the Jira project and search for the Issue Key. Ensure to input the exact ID (e.g., “YOW-2081”) for proper connectivity.