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HR Engagement tools​

Easily conduct impactful evaluations for all. Collaborate on a shared agenda, take notes and assign action items during meetings to increase efficiency and ensure goals are met. And create an employee onboarding guide to efficiently orient new hires and improve their performance.

Review Templates

Create evaluations that meet your and your team's needs.

Easily conduct evaluations for performance, projects, leadership and 360°, with YOW's customizable templates and frameworks or create a unique process. Flexible setup and anonymity options available.

Flexible meeting format

Work together on a shared agenda

Develop a meeting agenda structure that fits your format and includes key discussion points prior to the meeting. Automatically receive a copy of the agenda ahead of the meeting.


Build onboarding journeys​

Design tailored onboarding processes for new employees to quickly bring them up to speed. Develop comprehensive new employee training programs foor create uniquepaths for specific teams to enhance their functional abilities.