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Creating Plans and OKRs

The YOW Team

Welcome to the guide on creating plans and setting up OKRs on our SaaS platform. Here’s how you can efficiently set your goals:

1. Creating a Plan

To establish a plan, access the plan dropdown and select “Add Plan.” A new plan will be generated, ready for customization. Click on the plan to edit its name and date range, ensuring alignment with your strategic timeline.

2. Adding Objectives

Click the “Add Objective” button to initiate objective creation. Choose from three types:

  • Company Objective: This type pertains to the entire organization and has no specific assignee. It represents overarching organizational goals.
  • Team’s Objectives: These can be assigned to up to 8 teams. They align groups towards shared outcomes, fostering collaborative efforts.
  • Individual Objectives: These are linked to employees and highlight their personal contributions to the company’s success.

All objectives are automatically attached to the current plan, simplifying tracking and management. You can adjust the plan associated with an objective as needed.

3. Adding Key Results

Select “Add Key Result” to craft key results for your objectives. Choose from four types:

  • Increase KPI: Target a KPI to increase from its current value.
  • Decrease KPI: Target a KPI for reduction from its current value.
  • Control KPI: Set a goal to maintain a KPI at its current level.
  • Milestones: Define actionable achievements that support the objective.

For each key result, establish a check-in frequency. The default is once a month, and the platform can notify you via email or Slack (if connected) to provide updates.

Crafting plans and OKRs has never been more straightforward. Leverage these steps to align your team and organization, fostering accountability and success. Should you have any queries, our platform is designed to guide you seamlessly.