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Creating and Editing Teams

The YOW Team

1. Creating a Team:

  1. Access the “Teams” page in the navigation menu or a dedicated section.
  2. Within the “Teams” page, you’ll find an overview of all your existing teams.
  3. Click on “Add a Team” to initiate the creation process.
  4. Enter a distinctive name for the new team to identify its purpose or members.
  5. Confirm your entry to add the team to your platform.
  6. After adding a team, click on its name on the “Teams” page, and It will take you to the dedicated team’s page.

3. Adding Employees to the Team:

  1. On the team’s page, click the “Add Employee” button.
  2. This will open a field where you can insert the names or email addresses of the users you want to add to the team.
  3. Add all the users you wish to include in this team.
  4. These users will become part of the team and contribute towards shared objectives.

4. Removing a Team Member:

  1. To remove a team member from a specific team, navigate to the team’s page.
  2. Find the employee you want to remove and access the employee menu associated with their name.
  3. From the employee menu, select the option to remove the team member.
  4. Confirm the removal action to finalize the process.