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Check-In Updates and Setup

The YOW Team

This guide will walk you through the check-in process and how to manage updates effectively on our SaaS OKR platform.

For every key result, a check-in process is in place. The frequency of these check-ins can be customized to suit your needs.

1. Check-In Settings

By clicking on a Key Result, you can access the setting drawer. Within this drawer, you can modify the frequency you receive messages prompting you to update your check-in.

2. Check-In Drawer

Use the check-in button associated with each Key Result to perform a check-in. This will open the check-in drawer, presenting you with a chart and input fields for updates. You can swiftly update your progress and input other relevant information. The check-in drawer provides a user-friendly experience.

3. Accessing Check-In Charts

All your check-in charts are accessible through the Reports and Analytics page. This central location allows you to track historical progress and trends, aiding informed decision-making.

4. Check-In Page

The Check-In Page is a hub for all your check-ins within a plan. Here, you can efficiently update check-ins, alter frequency settings, or navigate to the associated objective for context. This consolidated view streamlines your interactions with check-ins.

Optimize your check-in process by leveraging these features. Timely updates and comprehensive insights gained through these steps enhance your OKR management. Should you require further assistance, our platform ensures a seamless experience for efficient progress tracking and communication.